You are Made for More

在摩特诺玛大学, we seek to equip more than just educated graduates—we seek to equip a generation of bold Christ-followers; individuals who hear His calling and respond. 在这里,你会被视为更多. More than a student, more than a scholar, more than you thought you could ever become. At Multnomah, you will be encouraged and challenged as you discover who God made you to be. You are made for more.



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为了顺利完成他们的课程, online students are expected to have basic knowledge of their personal computer, its operating system, 以及其他工具,如文字处理器, e-mail, 还有一个网络浏览器. 摩特诺玛大学使用Canvas, 也就是MU Learn, 他们的学习管理系统.

通过Canvas提供的MU在线课程采用八周的形式. Students in each online class advance through a structured series of course material and learning experiences guided by Multnomah professors. Our assignments require students to engage in both academic and practical activities.

MU Online courses are designed to help you benefit from the learning community around you. 我们想把你的生活和你的教育联系起来. The things that are most important to you will become key components in your spiritual development, and your interaction with professors and classmates will further enrich your experience.

Course requirements that include online postings follow a schedule for eight-week online courses. That means you may complete assignments at your convenience prior to the due date. MU Online courses are offered multiple times during the year with different starting dates. 学生应在每学期开始时注册课程. 欲了解更多信息,请联系 司法常务官办公室.

The course requirements vary for how often you will be online, refer to your syllabus. 当你通过Canvas连接时, you’ll be able to interact with your Multnomah professors and classmates weekly if not daily. 每门课每周至少花10个小时.

Any personal computer or laptop purchased new within the last 5 years is highly recommended

  • 麦克风和扬声器或耳机
  • Webcam
  • Web browser (e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, 或Google Chrome浏览器),支持以下程序, Adobe Connect, Cookies, Flash Player 10或更高版本, Java, JavaScript, QuickTime, 和Windows Media Player
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (or higher) or a compatible office software (Windows 365 can be downloaded using your Multnomah e-mail information. 有关更多资源,请访问
  • 能够打印为PDF格式
  • 能够扫描文档
  • E-mail software or a web browser capable of supporting e-mail activity, 包括发送/接收附加文件
  • High-speed Internet access is required (to stream videos or upload documents)
  • 建议使用宽带连接
  • 1.最低5Mbps下载速度(测试你的连接速度)

The United States Department of Education requires all institutions of higher education to request authorization from every state and territory where their programs are offered in order to maintain eligibility for financial aid. 州授权只影响居住在州外的个人. 对于居住在俄勒冈州的个人没有限制. Learn more about state authorization of institutions for out-of-state activities by visiting the WCET website.

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) initiative pertains to approval of distance education courses and programs offered across state lines by postsecondary institutions that already have degree authorization in at least one state. SARA centralizes the authorization process for each institution in a single state called the institution’s “home state.” Colleges or universities in a SARA state therefore only need their home state authorization to offer distance education to students in any other SARA member state, 有一定的限制. For a list of all SARA states and SARA-approved institutions, please visit

As of July 10, 2017, Multnomah University has been accepted as an institutional participant in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) initiative. 有关SARA福利的详细信息可在以下网址查阅 As such, the online (distance education) program of Multnomah University is currently authorized to operate in SARA states under the terms of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). California residents enrolled in an online program at Multnomah University may file a consumer complaint with the 加州消费者事务部.

Yes, 只要这些课程适合你正在攻读的项目, 是否来自认可院校, 你取得了令人满意的成绩. Please note that to graduate from Multnomah, you must earn at least 32 credits from MU.

Yes, 通过我们的先验学习评估(PLA)过程, students may earn credit for college-level learning gained from life experience.

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